We canvassed our clients and looked at a variety of charging methods for online platforms. We felt our users needed more flexibility with the way we charge for our apps and services and above all else, more value.

With this in mind we have moved over to a consumption-based pricing model where you only pay for what you use. Each app we provide is charged per unit and each app’s unit price is carefully tailored to ensure maximum return for the client.


The benefits of this change to the way we charge are the fact that the client is no longer tied to a subscription which essentially means you can use app when it suits you and as much or little as you need. We have huge confidence is our apps and services and do not see the need to tie our clients down to lengthy subscriptions. We are looking to build long term relationships and believe this level of flexibility and transparency starts things off on the right foot.

It also means that it is free to sign up to the platform, take a look around and see how Orbit can fit into your workflows.

The process

Simply sign up to Orbit Vision with no need to add any payment details, take a look around the platform to see the wide variety of apps and services. When you decide to employ an app, you’ll be guided through the process of adding the required parameters and details. You will then be presented with the exact associated cost for you to review before you then trigger the action. Upon triggering your first action you will be asked to enter your payment details. All subsequent actions you will be able to review or change your payment information.

Future enhancements

Moving forward we will be monitoring the system very closely and keen to bring new features to our clients to further improve the experience, this may include items such as a rolling monthly spend tally inline with all action reviews and a dedicated spend tracker. As always we are here for you the bring you not only access to the best data and applications but the best possible user experience, so we are keen to hear any feedback/ideas you might have.