Tailored specifically for the financial investment industry, Orbit Insight performs an intelligent search on unstructured data such as public filings, news and press releases. Accurately tracking topics ranging from trending investment opportunities to niche concepts and themes.

Leveraging the power of AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) Orbit Insight delivers accurate research and industry insights to better inform your decision making.

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Data flow

The ultimate research tool

Drill down into the data at document level to understand how the results have been formulated, ideal for decision making validation and audit trails. 

For FREE with no sign up or registration you have access to the latest trending themes and topics. Dive into the data, review and refine to suit your needs. If however you would like even more features and functions a range of subscriptions are available to have the ability to search for your own chosen themes and concepts and monitor performance over time.

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Live feed

At a glance live updated feed for company filings, news and press releases. Keep an eye on the latest available documents across trending themes and topics.

Data view

View the data the way that works for you. Organise by company or concept and apply filters to narrow down the information to suit your needs.