Leverage the insightful power of unstructured data when selecting, monitoring and re-weighting your holdings for active ETFs. Orbit Insight is the go to tool for company filings, news and press releases covering 15+ global exchanges with results updated throughout the day.

Attempting to digest the volume of data required to make informed and insightful decisions when selecting the stock holdings for an ETF or any fund for that matter is impossible without an advanced tool of some sort. Orbit Insight covers all public company filings, news and press releases and enables you to monitor for all listed companies ongoing with up to 3 months historical data as standard and up to 5 years on request.

The tool allows you to save and manage themes and their associated concepts as well as creating and managing portfolios and setting up alerts to highlight filings, news and press releases for companies that are directly relevant to you.

View these and a raft of additional features in action here:

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We have created a detailed use case for active ETF creation, monitoring and re-balancing of holding here:

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