Define and extract the exact information you need from vast amounts of data.

Extracting key information from documents, Orbit works with the client to understand the exact requirements and parameters for the extraction job. Our AI product extracts the required information and highlights each data point on the interface from the source document for validation purposes.

Typical use cases

  • Data vendors use our extraction product in the process of creating datasets they provide to their clients

  • Asset managers use to perform bespoke analysis, generating bespoke ESG data for example

Key features

  • Automatically extract any predefined attributes from the documents

  • Full audit trail and manual corrections

  • Quality check validation

  • Can source public data and combine with internal data if required


  • Identify the documents and attributes required for extraction

  • Configure the product

  • Run the extraction

  • Check the results and validate where necessary

  • Output in the preferred format

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