Orbit Financial Technology offers a free way to ‘chat’ with any PDF

The PDF problem It has been a long-lasting challenge for financial services professionals to efficiently analyse long PDF documents. Whether the document in question is a company filing, an annual report, sustainability report, analyst research or even a company’s product marketing collateral, professionals from auditors and accountants, to quantitative [...]

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Calling all active ETF Issuers, fund managers and analysts

Leverage the insightful power of unstructured data when selecting, monitoring and re-weighting your holdings for active ETFs. Orbit Insight is the go to tool for company filings, news and press releases covering 15+ global exchanges with results updated throughout the day. Attempting to digest the volume of data required to [...]

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Introducing: Orbit Insight

Tailored specifically for the financial investment industry, Orbit Insight performs an intelligent search on unstructured data such as public filings, news and press releases. Accurately tracking topics ranging from trending investment opportunities to niche concepts and themes. Leveraging the power of AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) Orbit Insight delivers accurate research [...]

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China A Transcript App – Now available

Introducing our China A transcript app. We have over 5 years of historical data for all China A transcripts. Use a range of parameters to provide accurate search results: Results are then displayed in list or block format: Open an individual result to see the full translated transcript with all [...]

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Interesting insights – Concept search

Using our deep Concept Search tool we are publishing and interesting insight we unearth each week. A tongue in cheek look at the power of our efficient and powerful tool. The concept search tool allows the user to select from existing concepts they have created already or select new ones [...]

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The way we charge has changed (2021)

We canvassed our clients and looked at a variety of charging methods for online platforms. We felt our users needed more flexibility with the way we charge for our apps and services and above all else, more value. With this in mind we have moved over to a consumption-based pricing model [...]

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Challenges and trends of utilising alternative data

There is no doubt that financial industry is more and more aware of the value of alternative data. The number of alternative data platforms and data vendors is rapidly increasing. More and more companies are setting up a 'Chief of Data' role and data science teams to experience use cases on [...]

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What is NLP?

Natural language processing (NLP) looks at the interactions between computers and the human language. How to program computers to process and analyse vast amounts of data. NLP was conceived in the 1950s. However, we are now in a world where the use of video and audio to deliver news reports for [...]

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Welcome to Orbit

After several years of refining our innovative platform with talented developers, industry leading consultants and a close selection of client-partners. We are very proud of what we have created with Orbit Vision and excited to launch the new platform along with a starting selection of apps. A full scheduled roll out [...]

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