About Orbit

Turning unstructured data into predictive indicators.

Our products provide early warning indicators via an intuitive online dashboard, rapidly mining news feeds and unstructured data at speed and scale to highlight risk probability based on your search parameters.

As well as predictive analytics and risk oversight, we can provide an additional layer of scrutiny that evidences and predicts the positive, negative or neutral events that occur in global financial markets.

Who its for

Orbit delivers deep insight on sentiment, theme detection and pattern recognition to Risk Managers, Portfolio Managers and Research Analysts alike. Orbit’s flexible platform accommodates with ease, all the requirements that you have to exploit value from the vast amounts of unstructured public information.

Orbit extracts data from a variety of sources in a range of ways to return accurate information based on your specific requirements to enable you to make fast effective decisions with insight.

Typical Use Cases

Below are some examples of how Orbit is helping fund managers, asset managers and research teams to identify risks and aid growth opportunities.

The Orbit Team

A product is only as good as its creators. Introducing the Orbiteers.

An organic and thoughtful growth has enabled us to build highly skilled and experienced tech and strategic teams. Our flexible nature and adoption of efficient tools has allowed to to seamlessly transition into a more remote-styled way of working due to the recent challenges we have all faced. A culture of pro-active, flexible and driven people has been nurtured and is reflected in our innovative, efficient, scalable products and services.

We have teams in Liaoning Province in China as well as London in the UK.

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