All you need to source, process and transform unstructured data into predictive indicators.


Orbit Data


Alternative datasets of global regulatory filings, corporate websites, China and digital assets. Bespoke data sourcing services

and data hosting and data management.

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Orbit Extract


Extracts both objective attributes and subjective information from long and complicated documents. Provide off-the-shelf NLP modules for various extraction tasks, and can be further optimised and connectors that plug in internal systems to fetch and publish data.

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Orbit Insight


An AI-driven research system that scans large volumes of unstructured document types, e.g. company filings news reports and press releases, to identify investment themes, in-depth personalised monitoring and validation of proprietary topics.

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Orbit Generate


Automatically generate human readable contents from metadata or structured information with configurable templates or AI models. Always track changes on metadata and generated content to maintain full audit trials.

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Benefits for users

Examples of client types that leverage the power of AI with Orbit’s range of products and services. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

ETF & index providers

Comprehensive instruments and data coverage for screening
Support complicated screening logic
Real time processing and dashboards

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Accelerate data products launch
Reduce data processing costs

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Asset managers

Access to high quality and low latency data
Data driven and quantified research
Improve research efficiencies

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Quantitative funds

Niche and high value added alternative datasets
NLP service to accelerate back testing

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Use cases

A sample of the many use cases utilising Orbit’s advanced data collection, extraction and insight applications.

ESG data extraction

For asset managers and vendors to build an in-house ESG framework measuring specific attributes from corporate filings, annual and sustainability reports, enabling a proprietary research framework, therefore differentiating from competitors

SignalTrading signals from news

Event detection on real-time news streams and pattern recognition. Machine learning models generating trading signals from public news, low correlation, independent from market prices. Multi-factor approach supports all asset classes.

index constructionIndex construction

Qualitative and preliminary screening on any proprietary themes or criteria. Search engine to quickly validate ideas.

ControversiesESG controversies

An off-the-shelf solution to setup specific ESG-related topics to monitor ESG controversies and identify the relevant stocks from internet news and public filings.

Digital assetsDigital assets

Analyze news, telegram, github and more public information to conduct bespoke and sophisticated analysis and signal generation.

Investment researchInvestment research

Centralize internal research reports to keep one complete source of information; Search engine and various NLP modules to accelerate digesting reports.


Auto extractionExtraction automation

Assist with enterprise digital transformation to automate manual efforts and centrally manage structured and unstructured data.

Understanding China betterUnderstand China better

Datasets of China stock transcripts, search engine volume, social medias. Translation engine that is optimized for the financial industry and formal documents. High quality reference data.


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Orbit’s technology flow

Full end-to-end solutions or cherry pick the services that solve your particular challenges. Orbit has been developed from the ground up in a modular way which ensures clean, accurate and efficient deployment of key functions for the financial investment industry. Contact us to discuss how Orbit can give you that insight edge!

Data collection & storage

  • Web crawling
  • Centralising in-house data

  • PDF parsing

  • Optical Character Recognition

  • Distributed storage

Realtime processing

  • Real-time streaming
  • Massive batch processing

Information extraction

  • Ontology

  • Alias database

  • Theme detection

  • Attribute extraction

Thematic understanding

  • Event extraction

  • Sentiment

  • Disambiguation


  • ML (Machine learning)

  • Reasoning

  • Back testing